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Jerky Around the World: What should we try to make into a “Beef Chip”?

When we think of jerky, our minds often wander to the classic beef or turkey varieties. However, the world of jerky is a diverse and flavorful one, offering unique creations that may surprise your taste buds. In this blog post, we’ll highlight 5 unusual jerky varieties from around the world. Which one do you think we should try to make into a “Beef Chip”?

1. Khlii: Morocco’s Tantalizing Tidbit**

Origin: Morocco

Main Ingredient: Sun-Dried Beef or Camel Meat

In the vibrant culinary tapestry of Morocco, you’ll find khlii, a traditional jerky that’s anything but ordinary. It’s crafted by preserving strips of sun-dried beef or camel meat in a mixture of herbs, spices, and rendered animal fat. The result is a tender, flavorful jerky that’s often used to enhance the taste of Moroccan dishes like tagines and couscous. Khlii offers a unique blend of spices and a taste of North African culture that’s well worth exploring for adventurous food lovers.

2. Biltong: South Africa’s Savory Secret
Origin: South Africa
Main Ingredient: Beef, Game Meat, or Ostrich

Biltong is a popular snack in South Africa, and it differs from traditional jerky in its preparation. Instead of drying, biltong is air-cured and seasoned with a unique blend of vinegar, spices, and herbs. It’s available in various meats, including beef, game meats, and even ostrich, offering a range of flavors to explore.

3. Crocodile Jerky: An Australian Outback Adventure
Origin: Australia
Main Ingredient: Crocodile Meat

Down under in Australia, adventurous eaters can sample crocodile jerky. This exotic treat is lean and protein-packed, with a mild flavor profile. It’s an excellent introduction to the flavors of the Australian outback.

4. Carne Seca: Mexico’s Culinary Gem
Origin: Mexico
Main Ingredient: Beef

Carne seca, translating to “dry meat,” is a traditional Mexican jerky that boasts a rich history. Thin strips of beef are seasoned with local spices and sun-dried. The result is a flavorful and slightly chewy jerky that’s a favorite snack across Mexico.

5. Reindeer Jerky: A Nordic Delight
Origin: Northern Europe (Nordic Regions)
Main Ingredient: Reindeer Meat

In the northern reaches of Europe, particularly in the Nordic regions, reindeer jerky is a specialty. Reindeer meat is lean, tender, and packed with flavor. This jerky is often seasoned with a blend of indigenous herbs, creating a taste of the Arctic wilderness.

Jerky has truly earned its status as a global snack, with each culture putting its own unique spin on this culinary tradition. Exploring unusual jerky varieties like khlii, biltong, crocodile jerky, carne seca, and reindeer jerky offers a delicious way to experience the diverse flavors of our world. Which one would you try? And which one should we try to make into a “Beef Chip”?

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