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How To Pack Crispy Beef Jerky For a Flight?

Being located in Hawaii, we get a lot of visitors asking us this question on how they should pack their Beef Chips for their flight back home. Our Beef Chips aka Crispy Beef Jerky is so thin and crispy that it is a bit more on the fragile side compared to your standard regular jerky.

Because of this when we ship out our Beef Chips to the mainland the biggest thing we prioritize is making sure the packaged Beef Chip bags do not shake and rattle in the box. So first thing we recommend when bringing back home some Crispy Beef Jerky to your friends is making sure when its packed in your luggage to not have it move around so much during the flight. For us we use a lot of stuffing or air bags when we ship out an order. Making sure the box is stuffed so there is no movement when you shake the box. If possible I recommend using maybe some of your t-shirts or clothing to fill your luggage with the Beef Chips that way you will have less movement when the airport manhandles your luggage. The softness of your clothes will also help cushion and protect the Beef Chips as well.

If you have enough arms and enough space you can also just bring our Beef Chips along as a carry on. Though TSA will most likely have to stop you and examine the Beef Chips you’re bringing back home. But bringing Crispy Beef Jerky back home this way is probably the safest way to bring our Beef Chips back home.

If you want to bring large quantities of our Crispy Beef Jerky home but can’t fit it in your luggage or carry on. We can offer you shipping as well! Order on our website or our physical location with the address you would like to send the Beef Chips to and we will pack the order as safe as possible for you!

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