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Crispy Beef Jerky Q&A: How Long Does Crispy Beef Jerky Last?

One common question we get asked a lot is how long does our Crispy Beef Jerky last in it’s bag unopened. The quick answer is if left unopened in a room temperature space not in direct sunlight, our Beef Chips should last about 2-3 months.

Lemon Pepper Beef Chips

There are several reasons why our Beef Chips have this shelf life. When we make our Beef Chips it goes through several steps. First our beef come sliced really thin and from there we cut out as much fat as we can. Some people ask us why we do this and why not keep the fat in as it’s the part that has some of the most flavor? The reason being is we mainly cut out the fat because if its left in the bag it tends to be the first thing that starts to get soft due to moisture. And the more fat in your Beef Chips the faster it will start to get soft in the bag. So we tend to cut out the fat as much as we can to make sure your Beef Chips last longer.

Our Beef Chips also don’t have any kind of preservatives so though our shelf life isn’t as long as your typical store bought Beef Jerky we wanted to make sure we’re not adding as much unnecessary ingredients to our Beef Chips.

2 Silica Dry Packs for our Crispy Beef Jerky Bags

Finally each bag of our Crispy Beef Jerky comes with one silica bag to help keep moisture out. So those are the reasons our bag of Crispy Beef Jerky last about 2-3months. It may last a bit longer but will probably start to loose crispness and flavor. Try some of our Crispy Beef Chips today!

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