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Can You Bring Crispy Beef Jerky On A Plane?

We get a lot of visitors coming to vacation here in Hawaii. And while I don’t believe that Crispy Beef Jerky was invented here in Hawaii. I do believe that Hawaii is getting known for being one of the first to make the Beef Chips popular, hopefully one day it will be a snack as synonymous with Hawaii as Macademia Nuts and Li Hing Mui. So we tend to get a lot visitors ask us if its even okay to bring our Beef Chips back home with them on their flight back home. And here’s what I tell them…

For the most part I always say “Yes you can!” This mostly applies to anyone traveling back to the US. (International is a different story and varies from country to country, but we will talk about that in another blog post.) The TSA states that, any dried foods like Crispy Beef Jerky, can either be put into your luggage or brought with you as a carry on. They also say if possible to pack it separately from other items so it’s easier for TSA to check it in. Keep in mind though some airlines might have their own policy on what you can consume on a flight so be sure to do your research beforehand.

But our Crispy Beef Jerky is one snack I recommend to customers to bring with them for a flight to eat. As its a tasty alternative to the normal snacks you would see on a flight like chips, and pretzels. Plus it could even keep you full in between meals for longer flights as well. Plus our Crispy Beef Chips make perfect gifts to bring back home to friends or family to try so I always tell customers to grab an extra bag or so to share with friends or family back home!

But don’t forget as well, if you want to bring back a large amount of our Beef Chips back home but can’t fit it all in your carry on or luggage. We can ship out the items for you. Just let us know when making a purchase at our shop and we can set that up for you. We also offer Free Shipping if you spend $200 or more!

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